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Thoth, Tehuti or Djehuty in ancient Egyptian, is the god of wisdom, writing, speech, measurement, the moon, and magic. He serves as the vizier (prime minister) to Re, King of the gods. He's also the gods' official record-keeper. He's Mr. Science, the Answer Man, and divine Secretary-in-Chief.
The name "Thoth" seems to be a shorthand version of his name that the Greeks who conquered Egypt found easier to pronounce. He appears in three different forms.  Sometimes he is an ibis-headed man (left). Sometimes he's a baboon. Sometimes he's an ibis, a wading bird found along the banks of the Nile.”

Horus can be found all throughout ancient Egyptian art. He is usually represented as a Falcon or "The ancient Egyptian god Horus was a deity with many roles. His image and symbols a human figure with a Falcon head.  In very early times of ancient Egypt the Sun and the Moon were regarded 
as the all seeing eyes of the great falcon god Horus. His right eye representing the Sun and his left eye 
representing the Moon."

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